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Magazine & Newspaper Content

Magazine & newspaper content is a great way to inform and entertain the target audiences you’re looking to reach.

We can help you attract more customers and clients to your small business by conveying just the right message with an article in a local magazine or newspaper. Contact us today to learn more about how the magazine & newspaper content services from Island Light Creative can help you tell the story of your business with great content.

Our magazine & newspaper article writing and publishing capabilities include:

  • Interviewing primary sources
  • Photography
  • Coordinating publication of your article with magazine & newspaper editors

We can help tell the story of your brand
to readers of local magazines & newspapers.

Individuals are more likely to be happy, confident, excited and hopeful when they read magazines compared to time spent with other media.”

source: RealityMine USA TouchPoints Study, 2015

Magazine Articles

People love to read magazines.

Media consumers are increasingly reaching for a wireless digital device to access their favorite content publishers; still, there is something to be said for good old fashioned look and feel of a print magazine.

Research shows that engagement is higher with when someone reads a printed magazine rather vs. digital content sources.

A magazine article that one physically holds in their hands can be more impactful and memorable than a digital experience with a touch screen-enabled device. In particular, print magazines can maximize sensory appeal. Print offers the unique ability to deliver rich, vivid images along with tactile stimuli.

Digital, meanwhile, offers its own huge advantages of course, but mass communication-savvy small business owners and marketing professionals should definitely be taking advantage of both media.

Put It in Print

We can help tell the story of your brand to readers of local magazines targeting the Southwest Florida region including:

Times of the Islands

RSW Living

Bonita & Estero


Gulf & Main

Cape Coral Living

magazine article

Some of Southwest Florida’s Best Titles:

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Newspaper Articles by Island Light Creative

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Newspaper Articles

People are still reading newspapers.

The newspaper industry itself isn’t dead, yet, despite what you may have heard. And in reality, readership has increased, with almost 70% of the U.S. population reading newspapers regularly, according to Nielsen research

While newspapers aren’t as popular as they once were, it doesn’t mean they should be overlooked or ignored. Chances are your target audience is reading newspaper content in some form.

Research shows newspapers and newspaper websites continually rank highest in credibility among all news media. 

Hot off the Press

We can help tell the story of your brand to Southwest Florida’s highly sought-after newspaper-reading demographic:

The News-Press

The Naples Daily News

Florida Weekly

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