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Print Marketing Services

Print should continue to have a meaningful place in the marketing mix of every small business.

Why? Because it works: In a recent survey of consumers, four-fifths (79%) of respondents said they act on direct mail immediately (if it’s timely and relevant) with a phone call or a visit to the advertiser’s website, compared to only 45% who say they take action immediately with email.

Print marketing, whether it’s a print ad in a magazine or newspaper, a direct mail piece, flyers or brochures, creates a lasting impression like no other media.

Not only is print media more memorable, it also has the unique ability to arouse the senses and create trust. Trust creates engagement. And that engagement doesn’t have to end with your printed marketing materials getting tossed into the recycling bin; the digitally-savvy small business can extend that communication into its digital and social media marketing efforts or vice versa.

When we hold a magazine in our hands and feel it with our fingertips, we become physically connected to it.

And when catalogs and brochures tell a compelling, engaging story about the products or brands they advertise, or about the people who use the products, people feel connected with those brands in a special way that is hard to get from a bright, cold, hard, glass digital screen.

The tactile quality of printed media taps into a reader’s brain in a way that creates a lasting form of emotional connection. The design qualities of print also give it a unique appeal, which lend print marketing collateral a particular trustworthiness.

Recent studies have shown that consumers are far more likely to trust your company when your marketing message are presented via high-quality print media, such as glossy brochures or high-quality printed flyers.

Moreover, print marketing materials can be kept. If you advertise your business with a beautiful flyer, your audience may well keep a copy lying around on the kitchen countertop for days, which will create multiple impressions.

Print marketing can create a much longer lasting impact than digital marketing can achieve, building more meaningful and long-lasting connections with your target audience.

Print Marketing Solutions by Island Light Creative

How We Can Help:

The print marketing experts at Island Light Creative can write, design and produce a range of print marketing collateral that will convince and motivate your target audience and prospects to take action. And in the process, help your business gain trust, credibility and form a personal connection that will ultimately help your business sell more of your products or services.

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  • Magazine & Newspaper Content

  • Direct Mail

  • Flyers & Brochures

  • Catalogs

  • Newsletters

Print Advertising

We live in a world of social media channels, emails, and search engines.

The steady (and ever increasing) transition to all-things digital means that the coveted perch print ads once occupied high atop the marketing ecosystem now belongs to PPC and social media. 

But they still have an important part to play, especially if your small business targets readers of a locally-produced print publication.

Designing an effective print ad that hits on all of the elements that make them effective is both an art and a science. But do you have a college degree in Advertising and a decade of experience living it every day (like we do)? 

Effective print ad copy is not easy to write, and usually shouldn’t be attempted unless you’re a highly-trained professional copywriter (like we are). Of course, you could always hire a traditional advertising agency (there are thousands of them, happy to take your money). 

But if you can’t afford that option, or if you are a small business owner or an over-worked marketing manager trying to do a hundred things at once, give us a call. 

We’ve got the required knowledge and experience crafting print ads that sell. 

And we really love to do it! 

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Magazine & Newspaper Content

Print magazines and newspapers remain the most important forms of print media, and despite the massive shift to digital, they are still read by millions of people for information and entertainment.

And though the increasing use of digital and social media has caused some negative pressure to the circulation numbers of magazines and newspapers, they’re still considered the most trusted primary source of authentic, reliable and fresh content.

Together, they represent a valuable opportunity for small businesses to engage potential customers and clients with interesting, informative and relevant content that tells a compelling story.

Both are especially good at targeting specific or hard to reach age groups (like older populations who aren’t constantly online) or other demographics of niche interests. Older generations can be especially difficult to reach through digital marketing efforts, and are also heavy newspaper and magazine readers still today. While younger people are still drawn to slick, glossy magazines that narrowly target their specific interests.

We’ve published dozens of magazine and newspaper articles that have helped small business owners to tell an engaging story about their company or brand.

If you’ve got something interesting and relevant to say to your target audience, give us a call. We’d be happy to tell your story.

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Magazine Article Production Services from Island Light Creative
Direct Mail print advertising by Island Light Creative

How we can help

Island Light Creative can help you purchase mailing lists of consumers (or other businesses) who buy products or services like those you provide in your local market from our mailing list distributor partners.

Then we’ll prepare a direct mailing campaign to influence these customers to shop at your store. 

We’ll design colorful, eye-appealing direct mail pieces and have thousands of copies printed affordably by our print vendor partners. We can also mail out smaller quantities of direct-mail advertisements as a test. Once we determine that the test mailing is successful, we’ll increase the number of pieces in subsequent mailings.

If you’d like to learn more about our direct mail advertising capabilities, give us a call. 

Direct Mail

Direct mail advertising is a proven, simple-yet-effective way to reach thousands of local consumers when they’re likely not online: While checking their snail mail boxes.

Why invest in direct-mail advertising when everything digital is all the rage?

  • It’s more memorable than email: Your message and brand are more likely to be recalled by consumers who are introduced to your business when they receive your promotion in their mailboxes, rather than a junk mail-filled email inbox
  • It gets better response rates than digital: With a response rate of 3.7%, direct mail gets a much better response than email, paid search (PPC), online display ads, and social media
  • It’s just as precise as digital: Direct mail can target specific households based on purchase behavior, income or other demographics. In the same way digital advertising does, you can use online browsing and buying data to send relevant coupons and ads to homes in a targeted area
  • It’s relevant to the digital-savvy demographic: Research shows 89% of millennials will pick up their mail at the first opportunity. 77% pay attention to direct mail advertising and 52% will switch brands if they have a coupon

Flyers & Brochures

Some small business owners may wonder about the usefulness of brochures. When everything is online, available on websites, and easy to email, why are brochures needed at all?

The answer is: Because the more physical, tactile experiences you can create with your brand or business, the better your chances are for creating meaningful engagement and action.

It’s hard to understate the value of the fact that a lot of people just like holding something in their hands. Given the choice, many people prefer an easy-to-read printed brochure they can take home from your business and leave on the kitchen counter as a reminder to circle back to you, than having to create a bookmark in their web browser.

Even if your prospect has connected with you electronically, most people respond positively to something in their hand — something they can physically “feel.” A brochure, pamphlet, or one-page flyer may connect with a prospect in ways other media can’t.

They way we see it, why not use every tool available to spotlight your business, its products, and services? A well-designed, informative flyer or brochure may mean the difference between adding a new client or losing the opportunity to someone else.

If you’re interested in producing a flyer or brochure for your business, give the print experts at Island Light Creative a call.

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Printed catalogs are still highly relevant for some small businesses. 

They offer your customers the ability to read about your products when they’re not shopping online. The fact that they often sit in your customer’s or prospect’s  homes for days or weeks boosts your brand or business with impressions that an email sitting in an inbox can’t match.

Big retailers like IKEA, Restoration Hardware, and West Marine are still releasing traditional print catalogs even in the digital age – and you best believe their marketing directors have justified the expense: Print catalogs are simply too effective to be ignored.

Instead of seeing a short email campaign message or pay-per-click (PPC) ad, consumers can see dozens or hundreds of images and marketing messages in a catalog. 

To supplement digital efforts, catalogs can inspire readers to pick up their mobile devices and do some quick shopping for an item they saw. Catalogs can act as the catalyst that compels people to jump online and order, book or sign up. 

Contact Island Light Creative today to find out if a printed catalog makes sense for your business.

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One of the oldest forms of content marketing is the printed newsletter.

Old-fashioned marketing? Sure. But provided they deliver valuable, information-rich content that your customers and prospects want to read, they can be an effective compliment to digital marketing efforts. They can also be used to serve niche markets where print is a preferred format.

A print newsletter can stand out, where an electronic newsletter can get lost in an already crowded email inbox. 

Print newsletters, just like print magazines, can be a cost-effective solution for small businesses wanting to cut through the digital clutter. A newsletter can include articles around one specific subject or topic related to your brand or company — such as your products and services. 

Island Light Creative can design and produce content for newsletters that are sure to make a great impression for any small business.

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