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Email Marketing Services

An efficient, effective email marketing plan should be a vital component of any small business’s larger marketing strategy.

Regularly communicating with your prospects and customers increases your brand recognition and keeps them informed about special promotions and upcoming events. You can also use email marketing to provide useful information to your target audience about exciting developments of your products and services.

How We Can Help

We can help your business leverage its existing email resources (and add new capabilities) so that you’re engaging everyone you possibly can:

  • Strategy development & consulting

  • Template Design

  • Opt-in Forms

  • Copywriting

  • Landing Pages

  • List management & segmentation

  • Analytics & reporting

Strategy Development & Consulting

Although email marketing has been around for decades, it’s still one of the most cost-effective ways to promote any business.

Whether your goal is to build your brand, book more appointments, or just to sell more product — we can help. We’ll start by outlining your goals and setting a strategy that works best for you.

We can also teach you everything you need to know about the different email marketing automation platforms available today, like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and others.

We’ll help you learn how to create your own email marketing plan using these tools, design effective emails, and test them. Then we’ll help show you the power of automation and how to measure the success of your emails.

Email marketing strategy and consulting services from Island Light Creative

Template Design

To save you the trouble of starting from scratch every time you want to send an email to your subscribers, we’ll help you create a template you can re-use and easily modify with updated text, images and landing page links. 

In designing your email templates, we’ll make sure your subscribers will immediately know exactly who it’s coming from by including your logo and company name, along with other brand identifiers unique to your business like specific fonts you use, your color palette and more.

The sky’s the limit with what we can do with the design and layout of your email marketing communications.

But our advice to small businesses who are just looking to get their message across is usually, less is more. By keeping your email template design clean and simple, your emails are far more likely to see good deliverability rates…keeping them out of spam filters and inbox trash cans. 

email marketing services

Opt-In Forms

Email list Opt-In forms are very important. By law, before sending practically anybody a business-related email of any kind, you must first obtain their explicit permission to do so. And provide them a simple means of opting-out from future emails if they choose.

We can help you get this permission and grow your email marketing audience by turning your website visitors into email list subscribers. 

We’ll create a customized pop-up form embedded into your website and tailored to fit the needs of your business.

Encourage website visitors to join your mailing list with a pop-up form that appears exactly when and where you want it.

We can show you how to set the form to pop-up when people are most likely to interact, whether it’s as soon as they land on your site, or when their on-page activity indicates they’re leaving your site.

Email Copywriting

If you’re lucky, your email subscribers will spend less than 15 seconds reading your marketing emails…that is if they read them at all.

That makes it all the more important to keep the text of your email marketing communications (the copy) clear, concise and to the point.

And almost without exception, “to the point” means a clearly identifiable call-to-action (CTA).

Clever subject lines, catchy headlines and other elements of good copywriting are essential for grabbing a short attention span. But short, concise CTAs motivate people to act. A few examples of effective CTAs include: Book Now, Buy Now or Sign Up Here. They can take many forms. But all CTAs must clearly tell your subscribers exactly what you want them to do, using active language.

Getting subscribers to take a desired action with your marketing emails isn’t difficult, but it can be challenging. Especially for the busy small business owner that has little-to-no experience with the fundamentals…and that’s where we come in.

Copywriting Services for Small Businesses From Island Light Creative
email marketing campaign management

Landing Pages

Landing pages are standalone web pages that your subscribers can “land” on when they click through from your emails.

We typically use landing pages to achieve specific, short-term goals. Like a landing page linked to from an email promoting a limited-time offer or an upcoming event.

Good reasons for pairing your marketing emails with custom landing pages are many, and their versatility is practically endless. We can help you pair a custom landing page (that we’ll create) with multiple email campaigns (which we’ll set up and manage) targeting your subscribers throughout all phases of your marketing plan.

For example, we can create a segmented email list of new signups generated from a landing page (linked to from your email with a “Sign Up Here” CTA button) and then welcome & thank them with an automated email series. And/or, take your landing page URLs and share them on any social media platform to drive traffic to your page.

The possibilities are virtually limitless.

…And we’re just full of great ideas.

List Management
& Segmentation

So you’ve got a list of past, present or potential future customers or clients that you want to send marketing emails to.

Maybe you’ve got an opt-in form popping up on your website to collect even more email addresses to send your fabulous emails to.

That’s great.

But those contacts’ interest in your company/brand/products & services may very well be the only thing they all share in common.

Send the right messages to the right people at the right time!

If you’re sending marketing emails to all those people using the same messaging/offers/promotions, saying exactly the same thing in exactly the same way, you’re not only breaking one of the fundamental rules of marketing communication, you’re also missing out on an enormous opportunity to engage and truly connect with your audience.

We’ll help you take your email list to the next level.

By segmenting your email subscriber lists (where they live, for example, or what messages they’ve opened recently, or what they told you about themselves when they joined your list, etc.), we’ll add a set of specific conditions that apply particular logic to the customer data you’ve collected (like purchase activity, gender, age range, and more).

Once we’ve got all your data rounded up and organized and your audience segmented out into highly refined, narrowly defined target groups, you can begin speaking to your subscribers as the unique individuals that they are.

And that’ll enable you to engage, connect and sell.

Email List Segmentation Island Light Creative

Photo by Gabriel Checchia Vitali on Unsplash

Analytics & Reporting

Track sales from a click in your campaign all the way to purchase. Find out which customers made a purchase after opening your email, see what they bought, and how much money your campaign has earned.

Wouldn’t it be nice to track all that?

We can help you aggregate and compare your email campaign results to find your starting baseline, from which, we’ll be able to help you track their performance over time. We’ll show you how to create segments within your reports to find new engagement patterns, spot trends, and identify any corrections to make.

Practically all of the most popular email marketing platforms provide these capabilities; but do you have the time or interest to get your head around it all? If not, call or email us.

We’ll help you.

Email Analytics and Reporting Services for Small Businesses From Island Light Creative

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