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SEO (search engine optimization) simply put is the process of improving your website’s interaction with both users and search engines.

There is no single, magic-bullet solution for getting your site ranked first. However, using best practices can make it easier for search engines to crawl, index and understand its content.

We recommend keeping any site optimization decisions based on what’s best for your site’s users. After all, they’re the main consumers of your content. Therefore, obsessing over minor tweaks just to gain ranking in organic SERP may not deliver the desired results…

Furthermore, we like to remind small business owners that SEO affects only your organic search results; businesses investing in paid placements (like pay-per-click advertising) in addition to optimizing their site for search, generally rank best.

Give us a call; we’ll be glad to analyze your site and recommend improvements.

How we can help optimize your site for search

Page Titles and Tags
SEO services

Page Titles and Meta Tags

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Page Titles

Page title content is important because it usually shows up in the first line of the search results. Text used for your site’s page titles is displayed in boldface if it directly matches a user’s search terms.

This is crucial because it immediately helps users decide if your website is relevant to their search. And if they should click on your link or not.

We’ll ensure your page titles include useful information; perhaps your business name, the general location you serve, or key products and services you offer.

Meta Tags

Your website’s meta tags are descriptions giving search engines an accurate summary of what your website pages are about. We’ll make sure these important descriptions are placed appropriately, are of the right length, and unique.

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SEO search engine optimization Island Light Creative Estero FL

Site Structure

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Optimizing Site Structure

Optimized website structure is a result of careful planning, optimum design, and accurate organization of all of the individual elements that make a website tick.

A correctly organized website is very important for a good user experience. Plus, it helps search engines understand what they’re looking at when crawling your site.

When optimizing your website, we’ll re-tool the design (if needed) and possibly reorganize the navigational elements to improve your site’s structure for improved SEO.

Ask us to have a look at your site’s structure to determine what improvements (if any) can be made.

SEO services near Fort Myers FL

Optimizing URLs

First, a few basic things about URLs (a.k.a. web addresses): URLs consisting of long, random arrangements of letters and numbers with few relevant keywords confuse users and search engines.

URLs that are clear and relevant to the content appearing on the web pages they link to improves crawling of your site by search engines and help people decide if it’s the content they’re looking for.

Ask us to examine your website’s current URLs: If needed, we’ll add keywords to your URLs that are relevant to your site’s content and structure. We’ll also set up redirects as needed to avoid those pesky 404 errors that crop up when doing this kind of work.

Optimizing your site’s URLs will improve the overall user experience while providing people a clue to the contents of the page they’re about to click to. And it’ll help your search engine rankings improve over time.

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Site Organization

Making sure that your website is organized correctly is very important for a good user experience and for ensuring search engines understand what they’re looking at when crawling your site.

Optimizing Site Navigation

Efficient site navigation is a critical element of any effective website.

Simple, easy-to-use navigation links are crucial for both the users of your website and the search engines. There are several things we can do to help ensure your site’s navigation is well-optimized:

  • Add or optimize your site’s XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Make it super easy for users to navigate your site
  • Add new pages to your site where it makes sense and add these to your site’s internal link structure
  • Improve and add text links to your site to drive most of the page-to-page navigation

SEO Content

The single most important factor of effective search engine optimization (SEO) is good content.

Content is king when it comes to what users and search engines value most about your site. Users know good content when they see it — and so does Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest.

People that visit your site and enjoy the content they find are more likely to link to it and share it with others.

Likewise, search engines crawling your site and finding content relevant to search terms people are using boosts your SERP ranking.

Remember! Good content is fresh, unique and written primarily for your target audience — not the search engines.

That’s where we can help!


Optimizing Content for Users

Optimizing your website’s content for the benefit of both your users and SEO must be a top priority. No matter what kind of business you’re in.

Unfortunately, creating good content takes time and hard work.

Many small business owners might be able create effective content themselves, if they had the time. Others might have the time to write, but lack the talent or the desire.

We can help you optimize your website’s content for improving SEO and your site user experience in several ways:

  • Writing well-written, easy-to-read text that site users will enjoy reading

  • Better organizing your site’s current content, while freshening and cleaning it up

  • Creating unique, engaging content written primarily for your target audience

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SEO Analysis & Tools

After we’ve made some improvements to your site’s structure, navigation and content, we’ll dive deeper. Looking for any issues that might be impacting how the search engines interact with your site.

We’ll also help you learn how to gather useful information from Google and other search engines about your site.

Together, we can use this data to better understand how people are interacting with your site and your content.

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Webmaster Tools

The popular search engines offer free tools for helping website administrators & webmasters to identify issues.

We’ll help you to correct any issues using these tools and get your site performing better in the search results.

Using tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, and Bing Webmaster Tools, we can help you:

  • Identify any issues with page titles and meta tags
  • Correct any parts of your site the search engines may have trouble crawling and indexing
  • Understand how search engines view your website
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics SEO companies Island Light Creative Estero FL

We’ll make the necessary improvements to help your website do better in the organic search results. Then, help you to discover even more about how people are interacting with it.

Google’s Analytics SEO tool is a powerful application that you may have heard of. But as a busy small business owner, you may not know a whole lot about it. Or how best to leverage the wealth of insights it can provide.

Talk to us about the best ways for using Analytics to find some of the basic metrics commonly used to gauge crucial data like:

  • How many people are visiting your site
  • Where your site traffic is coming from
  • What content users are viewing the most
  • Which platforms are most often used to reach your site (desktops vs. mobile devices)

And that’s just the beginning.

Contact Island Light Creative to learn more about how we can put these powerful SEO tools to work for your business!

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