Content marketing services by Island Light Creative

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Content marketing services by Island Light Creative

Content marketing. If you’re a professional marketer, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the term.

But if you’re a busy small business owner being pushed and pulled in a thousand different directions all at once, maybe you aren’t.

The whole intention of content marketing (as a digital marketing tactic & strategy) is succinctly summed up with this simple premise:

Consistently producing free, helpful and relevant content that your target audience is interested in helps them engage with you, share your message with others, and ultimately buy from you.

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Content marketing services by Island Light Creative

Traditional advertising messages like TV & radio commercials, print ads and billboards aren’t as effective as they once were before Google existed.

Sure, they still have an important role to play in the marketing mix (for those who can afford them…$$$).

But in the digital age, attracting new customers and clients to your business is more effectively accomplished just by showing up on the search engine results pages (SERP) when people are looking for the things you provide.

And ideally, you need to show up on the first page.

If you’re a small business owner (without a digital marketing background) you might ask: “Well how do you do that?”

Simple: There are several ways.

PPC ads are one. Employing SEO best practices for your website is another.

And publishing relevant, interesting and helpful stories (content) about your business & brand is perhaps the most important of all.

A regularly updated blog page on your company website. An email that links to a landing page offering an article to download. A post on social media linking back to a great new review someone just posted about you on Yelp or TripAdvisor.

The opportunities for publishing and distributing rich, relevant content and telling a great story about your business are practically endless.

But: (Doing it well) is a lot of hard work.

If you need help telling your story with effective content marketing, reach out to us. 

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Content marketing services by Island Light Creative

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