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MediaBrains publishes business-to-business (B2B) directory websites that target business professionals during the consideration and decision phases of the buying process. Its directory network is segmented into industry-focused buyers guides that provide listings of companies providing goods and services within a specific vertical market.

The company sells digital ad placements across its network designed to meet a range of marketing objectives. Ad types include banner display ads, Featured Placement listings and “Plus” listings, in addition to special placements in print ads promoting the directory sites.

MediaBrains partners with B2B print publishers who often already have a print- or web-based directory resource, integrating the data from these publisher resources into its proprietary platform.

We helped with:

  • SEO Content

  • Digital Advertising

  • Graphic Design

SEO Content

SEO (search engine optimization) content we produced for MediaBrains included optimizing the categories listed on its 100+ directory websites. We began by identifying the most popular categories across all of their sites that were seeing the best advertiser participation.

Our job was to ensure that each paid listing appearing on the first page of these categories included keywords referencing the particular categories the listing appeared under. These keywords were used often in search queries for products and services businesses were searching for.

Keywords were added to company description text, product and service listing text and elsewhere.

The goal was to ensure that when a user clicked on a category (ex: custom metal fixtures), or entered a product/service or company query into the search box, they would see a list of highly relevant results.

This included company listings for firms that manufacture or supply custom metal fixtures and/or product listings for custom metal fixtures.

Learn more about the SEO content we produced for MediaBrains and their advertisers by contacting Island Light Creative today. 

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custom metal fixtures
See our SEO work in action: Google “custom metal fixtures”… look for the SERP listing for the Custom Metal Fixtures category page on the design:retail online buyers guide.
B2B Digital Advertising with MediaBrains

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising assistance we provided MediaBrains included fulfillment of all its digital ad types across their entire network of 80+ directory websites.

Ad types included the Featured Placement listing, Plus listing, banner display ads, and home page placements including the Product Spotlight and Top Company positions.

Featured Placement Listings

In fulfilling the Featured Placement listings, we created for each advertiser a minimum of three product/service listings, press release and white papers.

While adding products/services listings, we ensured that each was linked to a relevant category, and that the product/service listing included keywords referencing the category where it appeared. This was done for search engine optimization.(SEO).

An example: For advertisers that sold “custom metal fixtures,” we made sure that their Featured Placement included a product listing using the term “custom metal fixtures” and that this product was tied to the category “custom metal fixtures.”

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Graphic Design

While working with MediaBrains, we assisted with graphic design work as needed.

This often included re-sizing company logos and product images for placement on the B2B directory sites. In addition, our talent was used to design banner display ads for advertisers.

Banner Ads

Often, when designing a banner ad for MediaBrains clients, little-to-zero art direction was given from the advertiser.

Sometimes, all we had to go off of was: “Just take some stuff from our website and design something.”

We said: “No problem!”

If your small business or marketing department is in need of graphic design assistance for any type of digital advertising campaign (or anything else), give us a call.

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