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Print Advertising Services

Everyone’s thinking digitally these days when it comes to advertising, but print’s certainly not dead and not going away anytime soon. People still love to read magazines!

Flipping through the pages of a magazine is a tactile experience that helps readers to connect with your brand when they see your ad in a way that isn’t possible with a touchscreen on a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone.

Print advertising also lends a business a certain credibility, a certain legitimacy just because of the very nature that it’s in print. Print ads have always had the unique ability to create a meaningful, lasting impression on readers.

How We Can Help:

Print advertising should be part of any well-rounded marketing strategy. If it’s not part of yours, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to reach your target audience:

  • Design/art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Media buying
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Flyers, brochures & other print marketing collateral

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Design/Art Direction

Effective website copy conveys professionalism, promotes trust, and engages the reader immediately. It gets right to the point. Conveying pertinent information with a minimum of the superfluous, it must satisfy two audiences: your website visitors and search engines.

The value of successful SEO copywriting can’t be overstated, but the quest for high SERP rankings can’t come at the cost of copy that falls flat and fails to engage, persuade and move the reader to take action.

Your business’s website (specifically the homepage) is often a prospective customer’s first interaction with your brand, so it must impress. It must also seize every opportunity to create a connection with a potential customer.

But writing high-quality website copy requires time and skill.

If you’re lacking either, give us a call.


We live in a world of landing pages, A/B testing, and search engine optimization. 

The steady (and ever increasing) transition to all-things digital means that the coveted perch print ads once occupied high atop the marketing ecosystem now belongs to PPC and social media. 

But they still have an important part to play, especially if your small business targets readers of a locally-produced print publication.

Print ad copy is not easy to write (well) and usually shouldn’t be attempted unless you’re a highly trained professional, or unless you can afford to hire a traditional advertising agency. 

But if you can’t afford that option, and are a small business owner or an over-worked marketing professional trying to do a hundred things at once, give us a call. 

We’ve got the required knowledge and experience crafting print ad copywriting that sells. 

And we really love to do it! 

Print Advertising Copywriting Services by Island Light Creative
Print Advertising Media Buying Services by Island Light Creative

Media Buying

Even with digital advertising platforms capturing an ever-increasing share of advertiser budges, print-based advertising still offers significant value to advertisers. The physical nature of print, along with its offline convenience and high trust-factor can make it an effective conduit for your message.

If you decide print should be included as part of your marketing mix, contact us to help with ad traffic for your campaign creative, IOs, invoices and payments…allowing you to focus on running your business instead. 

We understand the advantages of print media buying and can help you evaluate, negotiate, and execute print-based promotions. We’ll connect your business to local audiences through local magazines, local/regional newspapers,  smaller community publications, and other print products.

Among the opportunities in print media buying we’ll help you identify:

  • Publications that effectively engage niche audiences
  • Print products that influence specific subsets of your target audience
  • Print magazine issues that will help promote timely needs, such as an upcoming sale or event
  • How print media can support other promotional efforts

As part of the media buying process, we’ll negotiate for effective pricing based on our years of experience working in print. Even without a formal digital media buying campaign, our team can often earn you added-value impressions through online and app versions of print content.

Newspaper Advertising

Newspapers for centuries have been the primary source for credible, in-depth reporting of local, regional, national and global issues.

The trust and reliance readers place on this medium provide a sanctifying effect on advertising found within a newspaper. Research looking into consumer trust in content and advertising found a direct correlation between the two, with ads in news media ranked as the most trusted.

Additionally, despite being heavier users of digital media, audiences under the age of 35 ranked ads in newspapers as the most trustworthy of all media. Moreover, studies show readers aged 18 to 24 trust ads in newspapers more than any other media and more than any other age group.

And, because consumers give newspapers their undivided attention and actively consume their content, it’s the ideal environment for advertising messages to influence consumer behavior, especially when it comes to deciding on brands.

If your business depends mainly on local customers, it certainly makes sense to advertise in local papers that your customers are more likely to read.

Reach out to Island Light Creative to discuss the options for advertising your business in the newspaper. 


Magazine Advertising

Advertising in local magazines is a great option for small businesses targeting a very specific audience for their marketing messages: Locals. 

Local magazines serve as an important source of information where readers can learn about their communities, notable personalities, culture, entertainment options, and events they might like to participate in.

People who read local magazines are passionate, enthusiastic, and actively engaged in learning about where they live, work and play.  

This makes for a perfect opportunity to advertise your business!

We can help your business reach readers of local magazines targeting the Southwest Florida region including:

Times of the Islands

RSW Living

Bonita & Estero


Gulf & Main

Cape Coral Living

Estero Life

Gulfshore Life/Gulfshore Business

Spotlight News Magazine

Contact Island Light Creative to learn more about advertising your business in these, and other, local magazines.

Flyers, Brochures and Other Printed Collateral

Flyers & brochures must do more than merely inform the reader about your business and its products and services.

Everything from the font choice, use of color and graphics, to the copywriting needs to engage and persuade. Since purchase decisions aren’t usually steeped in logic, listing features and benefits and other pertinent information won’t be enough to motivate someone to buy.

Instead, the design & copywriting used for your flyers & brochures has to penetrate the heart, instantly cutting to the chase, and evoking an emotional response.

Otherwise, they don’t get read and certainly wind up in the trash (or the recycling bin, hopefully). And your precious investment in their printing and distribution is lost down the drain.

Give us a call. Although old-school, flyers & brochures have the potential to be incredibly persuasive advertising tools when done well. And we’ll be glad to help with that.

Flyer Brochure Copywriting Services by Island Light Creative

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