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Social media marketing services by Island Light Creative

Broaden Your Reach with Social Media

Social Media offers enormous potential for reaching a vast audience. We can help you maximize its potential and get your message across.

Businesses are spending big

U.S. social media ad spend is estimated to increase by more than 194%, to reach $15 billion in 2018. This increase is from $5.1 billion last year, which translates to a 24.0% annual growth rate.

The massive reach of the top social media networks can’t be ignored if you’re a small business owner.

Our social media advertising expertise includes:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • TripAdvisor

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • Snapchat


Two billion people use Facebook every month.

Social Media offers enormous potential for reaching a vast audience. We can help you maximize its potential and get your message across.

Facebook ads as are eye-catching, flexible and work on every device and connection speed. We can help you choose a target audience based on demographics, behaviors or contact information.

Then we’ll help you choose a goal for your advertising campaign, decide on a budget, a specific format and placement. Once your ad is up and running, we’ll help you make sense of your ad’s performance reporting metrics.

Facebook Ads Help Small Businesses Grow

Businesses of all kinds are advertising on Facebook to get discovered, provide information, capture attention, show off products, collect leads and boost sales. Advertising campaign strategies like these work seamlessly on mobile and show up in the places where people are spending their time.

Contact us to learn more about the advertising options on Facebook and let us help you select a strategy that’s right for your business.

Facebook Advertising by Island Light Creative

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Instagram advertising by Island Light Creative

Start Growing Your Business with Instagram

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700+ million people around the world use Instagram every month… 80% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram.

Talk to us about using Instagram to increase awareness of your small business and its products and services; increase customers and share your story among a highly engaged audience.

We can help explain the different ad types available on Instagram, and can assist with setting objectives for your campaign, targeting the right audience, allocating an effective ad budget, placing your ad, and tracking the results. 

Getting Started is Quick and Easy

Instagram uses the same powerful advertising tools as its owner, Facebook.

This enables us to easily set up, run and track your ad campaigns the same way we would with your Facebook ads.

If you’re new to advertising on Instagram or even Facebook, contact us to learn how to get started. 


In an average month, 18+ year olds in the U.S. spend more time watching YouTube than any television network.

On mobile devices alone, more 18- to 49-year olds watch YouTube during prime time in the U.S. than they do the top prime time TV shows combined.

Over the last two years, the number of small- and medium-sized businesses advertising on YouTube has doubled.

Reach the people who matter to you


You don’t need to get your ad in front of everybody – just the people likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Sports fans around the block. Fashionistas around the world. And everyone in between. They’re all on YouTube.

To get started with YouTube advertising, drop us a line and we’ll walk you through the options.

YouTube Advertising by Island Light Creative

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89% of 18-29 year-olds are on a social media network

TripAdvisor advertising

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More than 375 million people use TripAdvisor every month.

TripAdvisor draws a diverse international audience with a common passion for travel.

We can help you promote your brand on TripAdvisor and increase your engagement with travelers and trip planners in a highly impactful and relevant context.  Talk to us about developing a customized strategy to fit your budget, objectives, content and target audience.

We’ll work with you to integrate TripAdvisor content with your marketing materials to create a more organic experience and drive deeper brand alignment.

Going Mobile

TripAdvisor offers a variety of targeted advertising options in a range of formats to ensure your message is reaching the right users at the right time whether they are planning their next trip, looking for a new local hotspot or actively exploring a new destination.

Contact us to discuss the options and find out which options are best for you.


Twitter is where people connect with their passions, share their opinions, and find out what’s happening in the world right now. Because people are in a discovery mindset when they’re on Twitter, they’re open to interacting with new businesses and new people.

Reach the right audience by targeting based on interests, geography, gender, device, or users similar to your followers. In addition, maximize the relevancy of your message by targeting by keywords in people’s Tweets.

twitter advertising

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Pinterest sees more than 175 million visitors every month.

People visit Pinterest looking for ideas to discover, save and do. Pins can help its audience understand what your brand stands for and how it can fit into their lives.

Everything people do on Pinterest leads them closer to action. They do more than browse feeds: 70% search, save or click on a Pin. Since people use Pinterest across the consumer journey, your brand can play a role all the way from inspiration to purchase.

Pinterest logo social media advertising

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Snapchat advertising by Island Light Creative

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Snapchat reaches 166 million active Snapchatters daily.

We can help you set up a page on Facebook to help promote your business and reach a highly targeted audience with advertising options.

Contact us to find out more.

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