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Web Design Services near Fort Myers Bonita Springs Estero Naples FL

Web Design

Web design done correctly (strategically) can help your company’s website get found easier and rank higher in the search results, inform & persuade visitors to take action, generate leads, and ultimately grow your business.

Contact Island Light Creative today to learn more about our web design services, including:

  • WordPress websites; design, initial setup and hosting
  • Webmaster services for your existing site like content updates, adding new images or new pages
  • Website copywriting: blog posts, press releases, white papers
  • Brand new site launches or existing site redesigns
  • Convert your existing site to an easy-to-manage-yourself WordPress site

It’s Your Website = Own it!

Keeping your website updated with fresh, relevant content that shows potential customers you’re a viable, active business is critical too. A frequently updated website also encourages search engines like Google to rank your site higher in the search results, helps to maximize your SEO, and helps improve your site’s domain authority.

For these reasons, we advise small businesses and entrepreneurs that are just starting out:

  • Keep things simple in the beginning
  • Focus on your content and ease of navigation of your website; use a clean, simple layout
  • Try to keep your website management in-house; if your Webmaster skips town with the username and password for accessing your site, or your advertising agency ignores you, you’ll need to be able to access your site and make the changes you need when you need them
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The Challenge for Small Businesses

For many companies, updating a website with new images, text, or adding new pages or functionality to their existing site usually means making a call to their advertising agency or a talented webmaster (a web programmer) who has the tools and skills to go “under-the-hood” and into the code written in your website files to make changes.

Even if you do have access to your website’s programming files, unless you know what you’re doing, making even simple changes can get complicated and often results in unintended errors that cascade through the code — causing other issues to fix.

Have you ever taken a peak at all of the code that a typical website is comprised of? HTML, CSS stylesheets, Javascript and other programming that resembles ancient Greek usually isn’t easy for the novice to decipher.

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Editing lines of code is no way for a busy small business owner to spend their time. We can help!

The Solution: WordPress

If you’re not already familiar with it, WordPress is a full-featured content management system (CMS) for publishing and updating self-hosted websites.

It’s open-source, meaning, FREE, and is incredibly easy-to-use.

And it’s extremely popular: more than 25% of the world’s websites use the WordPress platform.

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Trusted by the Best

28% of the World’s Websites Use WordPress

Companies both large and small have been using the WordPress platform for more than a decade.

The Walt Disney Company The New York Times Company Sony Music Bloomberg Professional Microsoft News Center
Dallas Mavericks Mercedes Benz Dole Boston Market Vogue
The Clorox Company The New Yorker Pulse by Target The New York Post Group Renault
Time Inc. Fortune Canada.com Glad BBC America

Benefits of WordPress

There are many reasons why we recommend starting out with a simple to use WordPress site for getting your business off the ground and found on the web. It’s easy to setup (with a little practice), easy to use, and the software itself is free (premium themes and plugins, along with web hosting, of course, is not). 

WordPress is Open-Source and FREE

Because the WordPress CMS platform is built on open-source software technology, anyone can contribute to making it better, and all of the primary source code you’ll need to start your own website is free to download and modify to your individual requirements.

A WordPress site can be either as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be.

  • Open Source = Free Use for All

  • Plug-ins provide increased functionality as needed

  • Creating your own online store is easy

  • Avoid costly web developer expenses

  • No code writing skills required

  • Vast user community offers extensive support resources

Enhance Your Site’s Functionality with Plugins

Even a very basic WordPress installation will be sufficient to get your business name, logo, and essential company information onto the web quickly. But most users are going to need to add at least a few add-on components for improving the site’s efficiency and functionality.

For this, WordPress developers around the world have programmed bits of software called Plugins that are easy to integrate with your WordPress installation. Plugins enable users to do any number of things to a website without requiring any modification of the underlying website source code. Popular plugins help with SEO, browser caching, e-commerce, contact forms, and much more. Most are free and work great; however, just like with pre-built themes, many are offered for a fee and provide additional support.

Web design services near fort myers bonita springs estero fl

E-Commerce Made Easy

For those seeking to start up a small e-commerce operation, using a WordPress plugin like WooCommerce makes it easy to integrate online store functionality like adding a shopping cart to your website, an online order form with shipping options, and credit card payment processing.

With a very small initial investment, you can have a fully-functioning online store ready to begin generating income in no time at all.

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You Don’t Need to Be a Web Developer

WordPress makes it easy to create a beautiful, efficient, effective business website in no time at all.

After installing the software onto a database with your web hosting provider, you’ll be able to log in to your website and begin creating posts, pages and content including text, images, video, and more.

Designing Your Site Requires No Coding Skills

Skip all of those HTML tutorials and don’t worry about having to go back to college for a degree in web design; Your WordPress site will include several simple default themes designed to demonstrate all of the core functionality that you can integrate into your site.

Using the included editor tools makes formatting text as easy as using a word processor application like Microsoft Word; simply click on the formatting icons for using italic, bold, underlining text and more.

Media like images and videos are also easy to upload and add; re-size and format images as needed. No need for Photoshop!

A Robust Online Community

There is no shortage of online resources where users can find assistance from other members of the community. WordPress.org offers its own forums where users can share advice, post questions and ask for help any time.

One doesn’t have to look far to find support for practically any issue that might arise. And of course, we’re here to help too!

Thousands of Themes Available

For those who desire a professional-looking, fully-designed website ready for prime time, there are thousands of premium themes available at various price points. Many of these premium themes include options for uploading and installing completely built-out demos that offer a variety of layout, design and style elements that come pre-configured and ready to use.

When you’re ready to get started with WordPress for your small business, give Island Light Creative a call. 

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