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We supply your business with efficient, effective creative assistance so that you can focus entirely on running your business.

Copywriting, magazine articles, web design, social media marketing….if it involves creative writing and design, we can do it!

We’ll help lighten your workload by supplying a range of creative services that will bolster your brand and communicate just the right message to your target audience. Allowing you to focus on running your business. 


Who We Can Help

Small business owners & home-based entrepreneurs

For those who already have a website for their business and don’t want the added expense of hiring an advertising agency to manage things (or maybe you already work with an agency who’s just not holding up to their end of the deal):

  • We can make updates to your existing site, as long as you have access to it and can tell us how to log in to the admin page
  • Add new images, video, new pages and text
  • Blog updates
  • Partial or full website redesigns
  • Website hosting and webmaster services
  • Hire us on a contract basis and save on headcount expenses

As long as you have an existing site built on a user-friendly content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla and have the admin access, we can help update your current site and keep the content and images fresh as an ongoing service or on an as-needed basis.

Starting Fresh

For those just starting out on the web, perhaps you’re launching a home-based business and don’t want or need to learn the complexities of web programming and design, we recommend WordPress sites:

  • Simple to use and manage WordPress websites and landing pages allow you to pick a custom theme of your choice
  • Depending on your site’s complexity, it’s possible to have a fully-functional single-page website up in minutes
  • Either we set up your new site and hand it off to you completely to just get you started, or, if you prefer,  we will manage it for you on an on-going basis.
  • Saves you tons of time-intensive labor so that you can focus on running your business

We Can Teach You the Basics

Easily learn how to make simple updates to content or images to your new site. It’s not as difficult as you might think once you get to know the CMS and the user interface. We’ll show you how to access your new site and your hosting account.

Students, recent college graduates & those starting a new career

Finishing up with college and finding a job in your chosen career field doesn’t leave much time for doing the quality creative work that sets you apart from the rest of your peers. Likewise, those who decide to change a career path later in life often don’t have the luxury of time to learn how to develop and host a website.

Despite the time constraints impressed upon us, employers are increasingly looking for not only genuine creative talent but also the technical skills and the digital business acumen expected in the workplace.

We can help you to stand out from the crowd

  • WordPress portfolio and resume websites;
  • Design, initial development and hosting services available
  • Webmaster services for an existing site; we can make updates to your existing content and add new content, new images or new pages
  • Website copywriting
  • Portfolio development assistance
  • Resume writing, editing and proofreading
  • Digital advertising and targeted social media promotion: place an online ad for yourself where prospective employers will see it!
  • Job boards; we will help you develop your resume or portfolio and post it online with links to your website on popular job search websites

Small investment, big potential pay-off

Getting that first job after college that kickstarts your career is critical!

Show prospective employers that you understand how important web commerce is to them by promoting your own website marketing yourself online and they’ll see you as someone who understands the language of business.

Creative Services We Offer

See how Island Light Creative can put our skills and experience to good use for your business.
For everything from print to digital media, including copywriting, advertising, social media, websites and more, if it involves creating a unique message for reaching new customers, we can help you succeed.


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