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MULTIHULLS Magazine has faithfully reported on multihull news for over 37 years. It is read in more than 105 countries and holds the title as the oldest and most widely read multihull publication in the catamaran/multihulls industry.

The magazine specializes in sailing, technology, design and general interest articles on catamarans, multihulls and trimarans in the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

It’s mission is to spread the message about the fantastic sailing capabilities of multihulls, trimarans and catamarans.

We helped with:

  • Content for the magazine

  • Website content and editing

  • Marketing support and coordination

  • Digital imagery

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We helped to redesign the magazine’s website to make it more efficient and effective. Multihull enthusiasts visiting the site can now more easily navigate the site, find the content they’re looking for, sign up for a new subscription, or purchase a single copy of the digital publication. 

We also provided integration and coordination with the publisher’s marketing and advertising initiatives to help grow subscriptions, raise brand awareness, encourage readers to submit content, and increase subscriptions and sales.

We’ve helped with:

  • Web design & development

  • Interesting, relevant content

  • Marketing coordination

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