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The Catamaran Company
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The Catamaran Company 

About this Business

The Catamaran Company is a worldwide leader in all aspects of the catamaran market, specializing in sales of new and used catamarans, catamaran sailing vacations and charters, service and repairs, and more.

The company’s wide range of value-added services includes catamaran insurance, documentation, delivery, dockage, financing, yacht management and charter yacht placement options.

The Catamaran Company has 18 full-time-licensed and bonded catamaran brokers with more than 250 years of combined catamaran experience.

We helped with:

  • Magazine article production

  • Web development

  • Boat show marketing

  • Digital photography

Magazine Article Production

While working with The Catamaran Company, Island Light Creative’s Kristoffer Stewart covered a wide range of catamaran-specific topics for integration into its digital content marketing efforts.

Covering everything from boat shows, yacht broker award ceremonies, new catamaran model launches, to charter base operations in the British Virgin Islands and new catamaran test sails, Kristoffer wrote and published nearly a dozen magazine articles. 

To learn more about Kristoffer’s articles published in MULTIHULLS Magazine for The Catamaran Company, just give us a call. 

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Web Development

The Catamaran Company website is a resource for everything related to these magnificent yachts. 

Our work on the website consisted mainly of cleaning up outdated content, finding & fixing broken links, adding new content and linking that content to the company’s dynamic database.

We also helped make the site easier to navigate and much more user-friendly in general. 

Most of the heavy lifting, however, was left to the capable hands of the company’s own internal web programming team…which was just fine with us, since we had plenty of other content marketing-related work to do! 

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Boat Show Marketing

We helped The Catamaran Company to promote its boat show presence at some of the largest in-water boat shows around the country.

These included the Miami International Strictly Sail Boat Show, in Miami, FL; the United States Sailboat Show held in Annapolis, Maryland; the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show; the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show in St. Petersburg, FL; along with several boat shows produced by The Catamaran Company at its Las Olas docks location in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Edgewater, Maryland. 

While at the shows, we took pictures of the boats and the crowds, interviewed yacht brokers and catamaran designers, (had a great time!), and then put it all together for magazine articles and website content. 

This article and images (for example) were integrated with The Catamaran Company’s content marketing efforts and published in MULTIHULLS Magazine:

Boat Show Marketing Services by Island Light Creative

Digital Photography

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