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Alliance Performance Systems

About this Business

Alliance Performance Systems is a performance improvement consulting firm primarily serving the biopharmaceutical industry. It also targets firms operating in the manufacturing, finance, technology, and communications industries.

Alliance Performance Systems is a leader in developing and delivering sales and marketing performance improvement, coaching, training, business acumen, blended learning, and e-learning solutions to highly-regulated Fortune Global 500 companies.

The company’s consultants work with organizations to develop and implement strategies and programs designed to help them achieve sales and marketing results in the face of rapid change, aggressive competition, and an unpredictable economy.

We helped with:

  • Web development

  • Email marketing

  • Proofreading & Editing

  • White papers 

White Paper: 6 Strategic Behaviors of Best-in-Class Sales Reps

This white paper was produced by interviewing the Alliance Performance Systems account managers over a period of 6 months.

It also included research data from the Sales departments of Fortune 50 drug company clients.

It explores the critical activities that the best sales reps do that make them so successful. The intention of commission this white paper was to identify the top key success factors and share them cross functionally across the organization in order to increase sales and productivity of lower-performing sales reps.

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